Wisconsin Dells Condo

Located at the Chula Vista Resort and Water Park
Please check the calendars to see if your requested dates are available. If so, please Contact us for discounted
Wisconsin Dells Condo rental rates
lower than the rates available through the Chula Vista Resort! You can only
get the discounted rates by contacting us directly. We own two of the Wisconsin Dells Condos available for rent
at the Chula Vista Resort and Water Park.
Please contact the resort directly at www.chulavistaresort.com if your
dates are not available.

The Wisconsin Dells condos can be rented as a
one bedroom condo (up to 6), a two bedroom condo (up to 8), or
three bedroom condo (up to 14). Please check below for the calendars for the one, two, or three bedroom
condos. Because I offer discounted rates, I only rent weekend nights (Friday and Saturday nights) together.

How to read the calendars : The red or pink colors indicate dates that the condo has already been reserved.
Dates are divided into half days. A Friday night reservation would be indicated by a red/pink color for the second
part of the day on Friday and the first part of the day on Saturday. Please contact us with any questions.
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